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Team Leaders

Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai

Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai is one of the foundation fathers of Pentecostalism in Nigeria. He is globally one of the most vocal Prophets of our time who uses God's unction on him to instruct Kings and Leaders of nations on the fear of God. With his over 45 years in leadership, he teaches leaders to settle at nothing less than distinction performance before God. He is the personal mentor to the arrowhead of this initiative and the mentor to the mission.

Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu

Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu leads a global movement, the Charismatic Renewal Ministries for over 30years. Dr. Ilechukwu has vastly studied and he is widely exposed to what leadership is all about. He has passion for African leaders and how they can move the continent forward. He is chosen as a patron to this great initiative.

Pastor Greg. Ikechukwu Ugwu

Pst. Greg is the arrow head of this initiative. As a Pastor and Intercessor he has great burden for the poor in the society and the youth and how leadership treats them. It is this burden and passion ignited by God in him that gave birth to this Vision. He strongly believes that some members of the Church including Pastors are called by God to minister in the market places of the society like Politics, Spots, etc.
Preparing such people is part of the mission of this initiative.

Pst. Mrs Udo Ugwu

Udo has been in ministerial team work with her husband Pastor Greg even before they married in 1986. She has always Co-laboured with Pastor Greg in rearing up this initiative in spite of her teaching profession as a linguist. The burden for an improved and God fearing society is easy to contact from her own.

Dr. Tosin Agbasanwa

Tosin is a Medical Doctor turned Pastor. He has a deep rooted intercessory ministry and hears distinctly from the Most High. He has a delicate insight into God’s desire for the church to champion the healing of the society through Prayer Watch.

Pastor Ben Enema

Pastor Ben is an elder statesman and has been groaning for better life for the Nigerian populace. Pastor Ben who once lost his wife and son in a motor accident believes that leadership has a lot to offer to the society through the provision of good roads and structures that help to secure the lives and properties of the populace. He ardently believes in watching over nations in prayer as a way to rule the rulers indirectly. He exercises his intercessory ministry with both passion and authority.

Pastor Bruno Aduo

Bruno is a vibrant apostle of change. He has a burning desire for the improvement of people's welfare especially in Africa. He believes that lasting transformation comes only through Holy Spirit incubated changes.

Pastor & Prof.(Mrs) Toyin Jacobs

Pastor Toyin is the National Youth Director of CRM global family. He is addicted to motivating the youth anywhere in the World. His wife Prof. Dorothy who is also deeply involved in this work runs a HIV/AIDS awareness NGO across the globe because of her burden for improved life for humanity.
The Toyin & Dorothy Jacobs family is a great gift of God when they express their burden for a transformed society through Prayers and the Word of God.

Pastor Boniface Igbe

Pastor Bon is a core intercessor and understands the potency of prayer. He will always say that ``transformation and added value is inevitable for a nation that have Prayer Watchmen``. He advocates that men should learn to reflect their love for their nations through watching over her in Prayers, His lecturing Job has never militated against his commitment towards prayer.

Barr. Mukasa Onoja

Barr. Mukasa has a quiet disposition towards life but burns with deep inner desire for the transformation of our present day society.
His legal understanding of people’s right to social welfare, motivates him to pray for leaders to meet up with God’s expectations from them towards the masses in various nations.

Pastor Joseph Agim

Pastor Joe sees the world from the eyes of prayer and is burdened with the unhealthy level of restlessness especially in his country Nigeria.

Engr. Dom Ingbiam

Engr. Dom focuses on the church and her ability to perform in her priestly role in the world of today.

Pastor Fedelis Ugo

Pastor Fedelis has a very special revelational insight into the burden of God for individual nations and continents. This insight propels him to pray without ceasing for various nations. He strongly believes in the efficacy of the prayers of the living and the social action of the church as a practical way to express our saltiness to the earth.