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Who We Are


We are people burdened by the level of restlessness in the nations and Godlessness in leadership leading to increased poverty, crimes, youth unemployment and selfishness in leaders.
God called us to begin to address the above challenges with prayers which is a harmless but most potent weapon in human history
As we pray with burden, God opens our eyes to the root cause of these problems and gives out his instructions to various people affected. God also begins to deal with the hearts of people both in the leadership and in the society. God also begins to prepare new people to accept leadership responsibilities in the society.
Very little has been achieved globally in the use of legal and military weapons to deal with such monsters as terrorism, corruption in leadership or even moral decays and lawlessness in the society.
But evidence abounds in history where societal purification has been achieved for a long period of time through divine intervention attracted to the earth by the prayers of the living. Healing the society of our time is therefore our goal.


  • We equip and empower the youth for their role in “the world of tomorrow” as leaders. We achieve this through multifaceted, well – structured and functional training and skills acquisition programmes tailored towards giving them skill and confidence that they can make it.
  • We equip leaders with Divine Instructions and corrections, which guide them to success. We achieve this by passionately interceding (praying) for people in authorities and where it pleases God we receive God’s Rhema (specific instructions) for such leaders and communicate same to them.( see 2Kings 6:8-23),(Eze. 33:1-7)
  • We sensitize the populace (masses) to pray for their leaders but look up to God for the peace of their nations. We do this through mass education, large scale national and international prayer conferences, creative and periodic SMS slogan broadcast etc.
  • We sensitize the Church to take up her priesthood position functionally in the nations. We achieve this through teachings, leadership trainings and seminars where people are encouraged to identify and actively function in their callings not only in the four walls of the Church room but also in the market places of the society. This will precipitate Revival of Godly societal values and reduce the chances of bloody revolutions.


Raising Watchmen for the Nations.(Ezekiel 33:7 KJV)



  • We believe that God is interested in good governance in the society.
  • We believe that good governance is possible in our nations of today.
  • We believe that good governance is only possible where there is the fear of God in human hearts.
  • We believe that wars, hardship and corruption can be reduced if a few individuals accept to embark on the crusade through prayers and accepting leadership for the rescue of the society.

Inspite of the strong evangelical and Prophetic trust of his over 25years in minstry, Pastor Greg has held intercession as the heart of his ministry and calling. He has through this convinction developed great burden to pray for Nigeria and the church.
In the early hours of March 17th 2006, God woke him up from sleep with the repeated announcement of the phrase “DIVINE PRECIPITATION” “DIVINE PRECIPITATION” “DIVINE PRECIPITATION”. He frightfully woke up and began to pray while the anouncement continued in his heart and thought. While he ended the prayer without a clear understanding of what that announcement meant, he had become spiritually sensitized that God had a message for him. He then began to wait on God.
After sometimes God explained to him that if men will pray that he will pour out “rain” on the nations of the earth and heal the land. God then directed Pst. Greg that there is need to raise watchmen for the nations and for the church. These watchmen must be trained to have ability to discern what is not physically seen by people. They should be strategically equipped and positioned in the nations and regions for God will visit them and use them to prepare the nations for “His Glory.”
After nurturing this baby vision in his heart and on his knees for sometime, he began to share it with ministers of the gospel and people of like minds including the General Overseer of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries, Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu. It was their encouragement and the pesistence of the Holy Spirit on the burden that enabled him to call for the first gathering of these like minds on Thursday 24th – 26th (Saturday) August, 2006, which meeting took place at the 1st floor hall of No. 10 Hundred Foot Road, Nnewi Anambra State of Nigeria. The conference was captioned “Divine Precipitation”. The meeting was very well attended. During the meeting, the Holy Ghost surfaced in a great way with a commissioning prophecy in which God deepened our understanding of the vision and the assignment. It was from this public inauguration by the Holy Spirit that the initiative took off. Since this is to become a global affair, we
saw the need to give it an institutional status hence its official incorporation with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration Number CAC/IT/NO50317
God has stepped in ever since and has been leading us in praying for Nations and receiving God’s information about them, their leadership, their economy, etc…
We believe God strongly for his Ability to heal the nations which are in turmoil today


We invite every likeminded and burdened man or woman in various nations to join or partner with us and watch over their nations in prayer: (Isaiah 62:6-7)

The rate of unemployment in our nations is alarming. A lot of young men and women graduate from the higher institutions without the hope of good employment.
Think about the alarming rate of corruption in our societies. We are being faced with poverty, terrorism, millitancy,etc… even our children in schools find it difficult to cope with their studies.